Comic Review: Scales and Scoundrels #1


Scales and Scoundrels #1 (Image Comics) SCALES01_Cover_351_540

 The Fantasy genre is quickly becoming the new trend in comics, and while some start to all look the same, Scales and Scoundrels from Image Comics is something that’s pretty unique. With a bold artistic style from Galaad and a super charming script from Sebastian Girner, Scales and Scoundrels is less about the dirty and grimy world of fantasy, and more about the fun and adventure that you can have in a world filled with dragons, knights, and castles.

Luvander is an adventurer who’s tired of not having any money. Sure, she’s able to scrounge up some money by swindling villagers in taverns, but more often than not, she finds herself giving that money away to people who need it. Struggling and frustrated for adventure, purpose, and money, fate puts Luvander in the path of Prince Akisbjorne, who offers her a place on his adventuring party after Luvander saves him and his guard from a pack of thieves. From there, the adventure begins.

There’s a lot of charm to Scales and Scoundrels, and much of that comes from Sebastian Girner. His treatment of Luvander is instantly relatable. Even though she’s stealing money from people, the fact that she’s constantly finding herself giving that money away for noble causes (while still wanting something for herself), is really fun and appealing. While there’s not a lot of depth to her character just yet, and we don’t know what kind of adventure she’s about to take part in with Akisbjorne, there’s still plenty of promise in Girner’s script to keep you coming back for the second issue.

Another thing that will have you coming back for issue two is Galaad’s art, which is brimming with a style all its own. Galaad’s artwork has a great sense of fun and excitement to it, and adds more to the personality of Luvander. Galaad’s use of body language in his art is essential to understanding what makes Luvander tick, and the world of Scales and Scoundrels wouldn’t be as charming under a different artist’s pencils.

Scales and Scoundrels reminds me a lot of The Princess Bride, one of my all time favorite movies. They both have a sense of light-hearted fun and adventure, and are willing to not take themselves too seriously. If you’re looking for something that’s like that, or a mix of Rat Queens and Lumberjanes, look no further than Scales and Scoundrels.
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